Share to use Outcomes Star to measure students' progress

Share is implementing the Outcomes Star, an evidence-based to tool to measure students' progress over time, for every student within the organisation.

The aim is to build a complete picture of each student's time at Share by recording their successes and achievements, their challenges and their aspirations across nine core areas:

  • Practical skills
  • Communication and social skills
  • Learning skills
  • Physical health
  • Living skills
  • Friends and relationships
  • Wellbeing
  • Social responsibility
  • Work readiness

Each area is evaluated as steps on a ladder to measure a student's current level of understanding and record learning goals for further development on the following scale:

  • Red stage 1-2: It’s not working
  • Orange stage 3-4: Accepting support
  • Yellow stage 5-6: Stable
  • Green stage 7-8: Learning for yourself
  • Blue stage 9-10: Choice and self-reliance

Based on these markers, staff can work together with our students to develop a programme of support to help them achieve their personal goals. This involves taking readings at the start of a student's journey and plotting the numerical scores on the Outcomes Star, and then repeating this process at regular intervals to track progress. At Share, we will be evaluating each student's star every four to six months.

Share will be using the Student Star, one version of the Outcomes Star, which is for people with additional needs in colleges or other supported work and learning environments. It is suitable for students with a range of needs, including autism, learning disabilities or behavioural needs.

The Student Star will help Share to produce high-quality data to support students’ individual development and to evidence Share’s overall performance and impact. In addition, it will aid collaborative working across all teaching and wellbeing staff to ensure that everyone understands each student's goals, needs, communication strategies, and anything else that will help our students to get the best learning experience. It will also help to identify new approaches to supporting independent living and moving people with learning disabilities closer to employment.

As well as tracking an individual student's progress, data can also be used to evaluate each project area within the organisation and benchmark similar projects within the sector or across client groups.


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