Water, glorious water!

It's been an amazing summer but the heat, of course, brings certain challenges.

In our efforts to ensure all Share students stay hydrated in the hot weather and to stay away from unhealthy fizzy drinks, we set about to look for new ways to encourage our students to drink more water.

As a result, the Share Kitchen team created natural flavoured water for the Share Café so our students could help themselves to water any time during the day.

So far, the team has made cucumber, lemon/lime, orange, freshi mint, strawberry/grape flavoured water and they have all gone down a treat with all our students.

We estimate that water intake among our students on any one day has gone up from three to four litres per day to about 16 to 24 litres per day.

Our next step is to encourage our students to adopt some of this learning at home. So the Share Kitchen team will be running a special session for all Share students on how to make natural flavoured water and fresh juices with no added sugar or sweetners or artificial colouring.

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